Your First Custom Wetsuit for Freediving, Spearfishing, and Surfing 

Your First Custom Wetsuit for Freediving, Spearfishing, and Surfing

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Green Camouflage Custom Wetsuit Hawaii
Do you live for adventure? Switching from off-the-rack to a custom wetsuit for freediving, spearfishing, or surfing will be a game-changer!

Buying a wetsuit can be overwhelming – with multiple sources offering their best advice on what kind to look for, how a wetsuit should look, and how much you should spend on one. This article will review a few reasons why a custom wetsuit may be the best choice for you.


The first reason to consider purchasing a custom wetsuit is the superior fit. Off-the-rack (not custom) wetsuits from online distributors and retailers don’t invariably get the measurements right. Every person and body is different, and that’s why most people will benefit from a custom wetsuit. If off-the-rack sizing fits you well, then you probably don’t need a custom wetsuit, but most people find that off-the-rack suits are too loose or tight in some areas. Our company, Hi Wetsuits, manufactures custom wetsuits (by hand) on the island of Oahu (Hawaii). We use high-grade materials (e.g. Yamamoto 45, which is more durable, compresses less, and insulates better than Yamamoto 39) hand-picked by expert divers and surfers who understand firsthand what makes a magnificent wetsuit. Our custom wetsuits offer the perfect fit, increasing comfort, flexibility, warmth, and durability.

Custom Wetsuits versus Off-The-Rack

Generally, the better your wetsuit fits you, the more resilient it is, so it lasts longer. See this demonstration video below:

Another benefit of ordering a custom wetsuit is you have the option to add or subtract accessories. For instance, you may not need the loading pad or knee pads (typically on off-the-rack wetsuits) if you are only freediving. On the other hand, if you’re into spearfishing, you can add pockets to hold flashlights, spoons, or cool shells you find along the way. Not to mention you can add custom design, logos, and other features you dream up.

If you spend a vast amount of time in the water, you may already understand the value of a custom wetsuit. Our team suggests investing in a custom wetsuit to maximize your comfort and water lifestyle. Please share your wetsuit experiences with us.