Hi Wetsuits
Our wetsuits are hand made locally on Hawai'i and custom-fitted to perfection for freedive, spearfish, and surfing enthusiasts. Hi Wetsuits delivers water-people with optimal comfort, durability, flexibility, and warmth with aloha.

Laboratory tested materials. Tried and true American manufacturing. Meticulously crafted wetsuits. Produced individually just for you!
About Hawaiian Wetsuits
We are the leading manufacturer of custom freediving, spearfishing, and surfing wetsuits on the island.
Aloha, from the island of Oahu! Our water people are committed to the development and production of premium, high-performance wetsuits, particularly for freediving, spearfishing, and surfing. We believe in making superior products that enable you to achieve your peak performance and unparalleled comfort. Five percent of our profits are donated to support the community of ocean-goers and the ocean ecosystem itself.
Our Custom Wetsuits
Currently available are Men's and Women's 2-piece freediving/spearfishing suits, as well as Youth, and Other. New pattern and material options are coming; taking pre-orders now! Due to the customizable nature of Hi Wetsuits, pricing varies. Thin, thick, colors, camos, pants, tops, and many other options are available.
Whether you're searching for rugged durability for spearfishing or comfortable flexibility for freediving, we've literally got you covered with our 2-piece wetsuit options.
Women's wetsuits are available in the 2-piece freediving/spearfishing style. Tops and pants are available separately, in any cut/size/shape you wish!
Keep your kids warm and protected. Quality kids' wetsuits are hard for parents to find -- we got you covered! Reach out and get your youth set-up.
Only The Best
Quality materials, each with their own strengths to best fit your oceanic experience
Tako Camo will be coming in a 3-mm cell and lined. Sheico, the world's largest neoprene manufacturer, produces "L Foam," which excels in insulation and durability.
Yamamoto 45
Black, gray, and red will be coming soon in Yamamoto 45. Very few brands carry this grade of Yamamoto. It insulates nearly 20% better than the more common Yamamoto 39. And the softness is on a completely higher level. Available in 3 & 5 mm, cell inside.
Y45 With Hyperflex
Yamamoto 45 with Hyperflex Camo is the softest, most stretchy neoprene you'll find. In 2-mm and 3-mm, we will stock a bluewater and reef option. In 5-mm, there will be a brown camo and a green one.
Facts About HiWetsuits
Custom Fit
When it comes to wetsuits, no single factor is more important than fit!
Choose from a variety of colors and characteristics for your neoprene
Lab-Tested Materials
Experimentation with numerous grades of neoprene ensures we're using the highest quality materials
Precise Design
More contours for a better fit than mass-produced suits
Made in USA
Quality craftsmanship out of Aiea, Hawaii. Keeping your US Dollars in our economy!
We Care
Our company has pledged to make the best wetsuits and to give back to the community.
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