Custom Wetsuit Accessories
Get the custom wetsuit of your dreams!
Choose from a range of accessories to optimize your wetsuit to your specific needs.
Knee Pads
If you do a lot of spearfishing, you'll probably want our flexible, yet extremely durable, Yamamoto Spandura knee pads. They are double glued and blind-stitched to maintain your suits performance.
Loading Pad
For loading your speargun, you can add a pad on the chest with 7 mm of cushioning on the inside and durable Yamamoto Spandura on the outside
Zipper Pocket
A 10"x4" pocket with a YKK #5 Vislon zipper glued and blind-stitched to the outer thigh is perfect for safely and conviently stashing away seashells, small dive lights, etc.
Shi Shi Zipper
An opening with a YKK #5 Vislon zipper in the front and a protective flap in the back allows you to not bathe in your own pee.
Knife Pocket
The knife pockets attaches to the outer thigh and has an oval opening allowing you to store your knife against your body rather than dangling off your belt (a hydrodynamic and entaglement hazard). 9"x4" at widest dimensions.
Spoon Pocket
An 8"x2" pocket can be attached on the forearm, upper arm, or leg, and allows quick access to a spoon to lure in curious fish.
Elbow Pads
An additional 1.5 mil Yamamoto Spandura pad glued and blind-stitched to the elbow adds durability without compromising stretch
Top Zipper
A YKK #10 zipper running up to the chest helps the suit open wider to ease the process of getting it on and off. A stretchy backing glued and blind-stitched to the inside prevents water leaks.